Say hello to wireless 
made easy.

There’s beauty in simplicity.

Simple plans

No complicated extras. Pay for what you need, not what you don’t.

Simple pricing

Just four plans to choose from starting at only $10/mo.

Simple to start

No contracts, no credit checks, just pick the plan you want.


Affordable, reliable service that fits your needs.

Coverage you can count on

Get great, reliable coverage on a powerful nationwide network, without all the extra cost.

Stay close even when they’re far away

Get unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, and 70+ other countries with our plan add-ons.

Say goodbye to scam calls.

With built-in scam protection, you only say hello to the calls that matter.

Needs change, so can your plan

Change your plan anytime you want, for any reason.

Powered by the T-Mobile 5G network.

Enjoy the freedom to go where you want with the confidence that you'll still get great coverage.

Map of the US lit up in magenta, showing T-Mobile’s vast coverage.

Keep your phone and everything in it.

When you bring your phone to Connect by T-Mobile, your contacts, messages, and everything else comes with you.