Hassle-free, wallet‑friendly.

No contracts. No credit checks. No complicated extras. Change plans any time.

autopay available

Pick the plan that fits you.


per month

Plus taxes and fees

  • 1GB data
  • 1,000 min talk
  • 1,000 texts


per month

Plus taxes and fees

  • 3.5GB data
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texts


per month

Plus taxes and fees

  • 6.5GB data
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texts


per month

Plus taxes and fees

  • 12GB data
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texts

Domestic use only. Monthly data allotment for $15 and $25 plans automatically grows by 500MB each year until March 2025. Video typically streams in SD quality.

Need international calling?

Save on calls abroad with our plan add-ons.

Keep your phone and everything in it.

When you bring your phone to Connect by T-Mobile, your contacts, messages, and everything else comes with you.

Coverage you
can count on.

Connect by T-Mobile is powered by America’s largest 5G network.

Extended Range 5G includes dedicated low-band 5G signals & Ultra Capacity 5G includes dedicated mid- and/or high-band 5G signals. Capable device required. Coverage not available in all areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature.

Need unlimited data?

T-Mobile Prepaid offers more options.


Who is eligible for a Connect by T-Mobile Plan?

All new and existing customers are eligible to get Connect by T-Mobile.

How many lines can I have on Connect by T-Mobile?

You can have up to 5 lines on Connect by T-Mobile.

Can I roam domestically?

Yes, you can roam domestically. Connect by T-Mobile plans include 100MB of domestic roaming.

Does Connect by T-Mobile include an annual contract?

No, Connect by T-Mobile does not require an annual contract.

Can I manage my account online?

Visit self-service options such as my.T-Mobile.com by logging in with your T-Mobile ID. No account? Go to Connect by T-Mobile self service. Make a payment by dialing 611 or *PAY from the device

I’m a customer in Nevada. How can I learn more about the $25 Nevada Connect by T-Mobile rate plan?

The $25 Connect by T-Mobile Nevada rate plan is available to customers activating in Nevada T-Mobile Retail locations and has a slightly different data allotment from the national version. The plan includes the same features and benefits of the nationwide T-Mobile network.

What happens when the data limit is reached on a Connect by T-Mobile plan?

When you have used all your monthly data allotment, services requiring data will not be available until your next billing cycle unless you connect to wi-fi or purchase additional data. Information on adding a data pass can be found here.

Are Connect by T-Mobile plans available for Business Customers?

No, Connect by T-Mobile is not available for business customers. There is a limit of 5 lines per individual customer.

Do $10 and $35 Connect by T-Mobile receive an annual data increase?

No. Only $15 and $25 Connect by T-Mobile plans feature an annual data increase.

How many days are included in the Connect by T-Mobile plan?

The Connect by T-Mobile's plans are 30 day plans. Before or at the end for the 30 days you will need to purchase a new month of service.

What if my phone is not compatible with the T-Mobile Network?

You have the option of purchasing a device at one of our T-Mobile Retail locations at full retail price.

Are Hotspot and International Roaming available on Connect by T-Mobile? 

Connect by T-Mobile plans include tethering up to the data amount included on your existing plan in the US.   International data roaming is not available. Calling and texting in North America is available with an international add-on.

How do I get Connect by T-Mobile?

Connect by T-Mobile is available in T-Mobile Retail locations, Select Multi-Carrier locations, Telesales, or Connect by T-Mobile

Can I switch to Connect by T-Mobile if I have T-Mobile Prepaid, PayGo, etc.?

Yes, you can switch to Connect by T-Mobile at any time.

Can I bring my own device on Connect by T-Mobile? Is a new device required?

Yes, you can bring your own device and get Connect by T-Mobile. A new device purchase is not required.

Will there be a credit check?

No, a credit check is not required for Connect by T-Mobile.

What happens if I suspend my account or leave T-Mobile?

All active accounts with the Connect by T-Mobile rate plan receive up to the full monthly data allotment. If you return from suspend status or reactivate your plan at a later date, the data allotment will align to the current value of the Connect by T-Mobile rate plan.

Can I add a mobile internet line with Connect by T-Mobile?

No, additional Internet lines are not available with Connect by T-Mobile.

What is included in Unlimited talk and text?

Unlimited talk and text includes basic direct communications through your phone’s built-in calling and SMS/MMS texting functions. Some messaging services like iMessage or WhatsApp do not use traditional texting and messages are instead sent as data by those apps, which may affect functionality if you have used your monthly data allotment. iMessage will continue to send SMS/MMS messages on our network without data access if you have that functionality enabled on your device.

Can Connect by T-Mobile plans be combined with your special pricing/offers/promotions on new phones?

No, Connect by T-Mobile cannot be combined with special device offers. Customers are welcome to bring their own devices or we have several affordable options if you need a new phone.

What happens when I reach my limit on talk or text with $10 Connect by T-Mobile?

Your voice or text service will end until your next billing cycle unless you upgrade to a plan with unlimited talk & text. Your remaining talk, text and data buckets will continue to be available until they are also used or the start of your next billing cycle.

How can I check how much data I have left? For the $10 plan, how can I check how many minutes and texts I have remaining?

Customers can check their remaining minutes and data at my.t-mobile.com or by dialing #MIN# (minutes) and #WEB# (data)

What do I do if my current device is not unlocked?

Contact your current or previous carrier to have the device unlocked.