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What is portable Wi-Fi?

Portable Wi-Fi is the wireless data service that primarily allows you to connect to the full Internet on a portable Wi-Fi-capable device through T-Mobile's network. Portable Wi-Fi-capable devices from T-Mobile® include tablets, mobile hotspot devices, wearable technology and connected devices such as the SyncUP DRIVE™.

What kind of portable Wi-Fi devices can I buy on T-Mobile.com?

T-Mobile offers customers an array of portable Wi-Fi devices from tablets, mobile hotspot devices, wearable technology, and connected devices. To find which specific devices we offer, click the following link for our prepaid connected devices and our postpaid tablets, smartwatches, hotspot devices, and other connected devices.

How do I get these portable Wi-Fi data plans?

Simple! Just call us (dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone) or visit a Retail store to add a new line to your account.


Does T-Mobile offer any other rate plans as a result of the merger with Sprint?

For customers who are interested in older plans, we continue to make select older rate plans available for a limited time. These plans are known as heritage plans. Details on T-Mobile mobile internet heritage plans are available by request. Contact us for more information.

How is portable Wi-Fi different from Wi-Fi hotspot?

Portable Wi-Fi can be more convenient than a Wi-Fi hotspot because it allows you to connect to the Internet anywhere you get a T-Mobile data network signal, instead of having to hunt for a free Wi-Fi hotspot location. When traveling to areas with T-Mobile coverage, this saves you the chore of purchasing access and memorizing multiple Wi-Fi logins. It gives you the ability to enjoy your device wherever, whenever, and however you like through T-Mobile’s network.

Who can get these portable Wi-Fi data plans?

T-Mobile postpaid consumer and business customers can use these data plans for tablets, hotspot devices, and Sync Up Drive products.

Legacy Sprint postpaid consumer and business customers can use this data plan for tablets, hotspot devices, and Drive products.

Magenta Prepaid can use these data plans for connected tablets and hotspot devices.

Do I have to have a voice line with T-Mobile to also sign up for a portable Wi-Fi data plan?

No, a voice plan is not required to sign up for a portable Wi-Fi data plan at T-Mobile.

What portable Wi-Fi data plans do you offer for Magenta Prepaid?

Magenta Prepaid customers have new options for portable Wi-Fi data plans. These are some of the best prices in the industry at $10/2GB $20/5GB, $30/10GB, $40/30GB and $50/50GB (before taxes and fees, where applicable), making it more affordable to connect the latest tablets, hotspot devices, and more to our amazing network.

Limited time offers; subject to change. Void if not activated within 90 days of purchase. No cash redemption value. Non-refundable. Not responsible if lost or stolen. If you transfer your number to another carrier, account will be deactivated, and no service will be available. Devices sold for use on T-Mobile Prepaid service are to be activated on that service, not transferred for resale, modification, or export. Prepaid Mobile Internet Service: Service available for time period and/or usage amount provided by Pass. For time period, a day is 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., Pacific time. Usage rounded up to the nearest MB each session. Only one Pass may be active at a time. Account suspended after 365 days of inactivity. Domestic use only for on-demand passes; U.S./Canada/Mexico use only for monthly recurring passes. No U.S. roaming. Data only; does not include voice, messaging or Wi-Fi services. Usage applied first to on demand passes, next to free data, then monthly Mobile Internet allotment. $10 SIM Starter Kit may be required. Sufficient balance required to use services. Additional charges apply for international use. Add’l usage taxed in some countries. Full speeds available up to monthly allotment, including tethering; then slowed to up to 2G speeds for rest of service period. Certain uses, e.g., some speed test apps, may not count against high-speed data allotment or have speeds reduced after allotment reached. Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur on our U.S. network. Service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming.