Introducing Magenta Status

Premium benefits. Brands you love. Get your VIP vibes.

With T-Mobile Prepaid, Magenta Status starts on day one. Get access to benefits and experiences you can only get as a T-Mobile customer.

T-Mobile Magenta Status.
Check out the introduction of Magenta Status with brands like Hilton, Dollar Car Rental, Hertz, and T-Mobile Tuesdays.

We’re flipping the script on what it means to have status by giving customers more benefits from brands they use every day and experiences that feel far from the everyday. 

Level up your experiences with Magenta Status.

15% off all Hilton brands.

And an upgrade to Hilton Honors Silver.

A woman with her luggage standing in a Hilton hotel lobby.

Return your rental car without refueling it.

Dollar Car Rental refueling fees are ON US.

A couple walks through the parking lot of a Dollar Car Rental.

Return your EV rental car without recharging it.

Hertz recharging fees are ON US.

A man with his luggage walks across a Hertz parking lot.

$5 movie tickets.

Grab a $5 ticket to new major motion pictures for everyone on your account every month.

woman with movie perks

Cut the velvet rope with Magenta Status.

Unlock 25% off tickets to more than 8000 shows at over 120 venues nationwide. Plus, skip the line with special customer entrances.

A concert crowd from the back of the venue.

Exclusive access to select live events with Magenta Pass.

Skip the line with special customer entrances and entry to Club Magenta VIP lounges.

Inside a Club Magenta lounge with fun, bright colors and comfortable furniture.

Stay tuned for another season of free MLB.TV.

Come back soon to get your free MLB.TV subscription.

A group of friends on a couch cheer for an MLB game on the television.
T-Mobile Tuesdays

Get more free stuff and great deals.

Since 2016, we’ve given over a billion thankings—and we won’t stop.

We’ve redefined customer appreciation with T-Mobile Tuesdays, offering exclusive perks every week. And we’re always adding new stuff from brands you love and use every day.

Fun icons surround the T-Mobile Tuesdays logo.

Flexible prepaid plans for everyone.

Choose a plan with all the data you need—all with no annual contracts and no credit checks.

Unlimited phone plans starting at $50/mo.

Find the plan with the features and data you need.

During congestion, customers on this plan using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video streams in SD. Plus taxes & fees.

Tablet & hotspot plans starting at $10/mo.

Get connected with data plans 2GB and up.

Plus taxes & fees.

Plans packed with all the things you love.

Unlimited talk, text & data.

Get Unlimited Talk, Text & 5G/4G data on your smartphone virtually everywhere in the U.S., with no data overages or annual contracts.

A group of friends pose for a selfie.

No contracts.

Get connected on the T-Mobile nationwide network without being locked into an annual contract.

Two women take a selfie in the back of a convertible car.

Bring your own phone.

When you bring your phone to T-Mobile Prepaid, your contacts, messages, and everything else comes with it.

A group of people hold their phones in a circle.

Help block scam calls.

Our five layers of scam-blocking protection let you say goodbye to scammers for good.​​

Scam Shield, fewer scam calls, period.

Connect devices on-the-go.

With Mobile Hotspot, share your data to connect more devices to the internet in more places.

Woman works on her laptop connected to her phone.

Call and text over Wi-Fi.

Now you can call and text virtually anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. It’s like adding millions of towers to your network.

Hands holding a mobile phone device

Ready to get started?

Bring your device.

Keep the phone or device you love.

Shop tablets & hotspot.

Browse the latest devices.

Activate a phone or SIM card.

Have a new device or SIM card? You’ll need to activate it on a plan before use.

Experience America's largest & fastest 5G network.

Unlimited high-speed data plans that include 5G at no extra cost—all on the T-Mobile nationwide network.

T-Mobile network coverage map.

Extended Range 5G includes dedicated low-band 5G signals & Ultra Capacity 5G includes dedicated mid- and/or high-band 5G signals. Capable device required. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see


What is Caller ID?

Caller ID is a free tool at T-Mobile that displays a caller’s name and number—even if they're not in your contact list.

How do I get free Caller ID?

It’s easy! Just visit a Retail store or simply dial #436# from your T-Mobile phone, and we’ll hook you up with free Caller ID. To check whether Caller ID is on or off, dial #432#.

What is Scam ID/Scam Block and how does it work on T-Mobile prepaid?

Scam ID and Scam Block are free built-in protection tools that identify and help stop likely scammers before you ever get the call. Here’s how:

  • Scam ID warns you when a call is suspected to be an illegal scam call by replacing the Caller ID display with the words “Scam Likely”. Plus, because T-Mobile is able to look beyond the incoming number and tracks actual call behavior, Scam ID can catch spoofed calls as well
  • If you don’t want to see any “Scam Likely” calls, you can activate Scam Block for free by simply dialing #662# on your T-Mobile phone


How do I block a scam call? I’m a T-Mobile prepaid customer.

To turn on Scam Block, dial #662# from your T-Mobile phone. To turn it off, dial #632#. To check whether Scam Block is on or off, dial #787#.

What international benefits do I get when I have an international add-on? 

The $15 Stateside International add-on lets customers on our network make unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to 30+ countries, plus unlimited landline calling to 70+ countries including Mexico, Canada and China. In addition, you get unlimited texting from our network to 215+ countries and destinations, and discounted rates to virtually the rest of the world.

How do I know the calling and texting rates for countries?

Use the country look-up on to confirm the per-minute charge for the country you want to call and to see if it is one of the 215+ countries and destinations that can receive unlimited texts as a part of an international add-on.

Who is eligible for Caller ID?

All T-Mobile prepaid customers with a capable device on voice plans are eligible for free Caller ID.

 How much does Caller ID cost?

Caller ID is available to T-Mobile prepaid voice customers at no extra charge.

How do I get Scam ID?

Scam ID is free and automatic for all T-Mobile prepaid customers on a capable device; no action required.

Does T-Mobile offer any other rate plans as a result of the merger with Sprint?

For customers interested in older rate plans, we continue to make select older rate plans available for a limited time. Details on PayGo plans are available here.

What if I’m calling Mexico or Canada exclusively?

With the $5 Mexico & Canada Unlimited Calling & Texting you get unlimited calling to and from the U.S., Mexico and Canada while on our network or roaming with a partner, plus unlimited texting to 215+ countries and destinations while in a coverage area in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

 How will I be charged for international calling to pay-per-minute countries? 

All international service charges for calls to pay-per-minute countries will be deducted from your available account balance. You will need to have funds in your account in order to complete pay-per-minute calls.